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I find it interesting that web designers have simplified the design of websites more and more each year. Little by little we are finally realizing that designs can truly be "too busy". I just created my new website and after doing much research I found such simplistic sites and couldn't believe that I also was desiring something with as little information as possible.

This sure tells me that even though us humans like technology and constantly having something "new", there does come a point where we all just can't take it all in. I know that I desire a simplistic look in my own designing. Very clean, easy on the eyes, a peaceful design.

I feel that the current design trend is tranquil art. Art that can cause you to sit back and take a deep breath and daydream about your favorite spot to retreat. I like this trend. I wonder how long it will last. Will we stay simple for decades or will it become busy again?

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Dave B said...

I long for simplicity, but I have a slightly different perspective. Simple visual designs often have simple HTML/javascript/CSS under the hood.

Early HTML, it was simple, like posing a notepad text document with some pictures. You had about 10 tags to work with. Simple and elegant, but not very flexible.

Then once the web caught on in the mid 90s, BANG! HTML was cluttered for over a decade. Tables, IFrames, javascript, the DOM. Hacks galore just to get everything looking just right, and every browser rendering the code in it's own unique way.

Then enter the simple and elegant CSS, a way to truly separate content from presentation, and finally a way to layout a page without using tables at all. Ah, bliss.

You should check out css Zen Garden sometime.