Desktop Wallpapers

I've never really explored the art world of desktop wallpapers before. Usually I just pick a picture from the collection that is loaded on your computer, you know...the one's everyone else has on their desktops :), or place a pic of my husband or little girl.

But I have recently discovered a huge world of designers that design wallpapers and let you download them for free. I think I am addicted now to changing my wallpaper every week as there are so many out there. I thought about changing it daily, but I really want to enjoy each one. To me it is like displaying art. Makes me think that I will create my own wallpaper for others to enjoy on their computers if they want.

The pic above is the one I currently am enjoying on my desktop :D If you want to enjoy this one go to Tsa Tsa blog to download it and other fun ones. Of course there are a ton of other designers out there to that have cool ones. I'll put them on the right in the Wallpaper section if you want others. Enjoy! You may also get addicted like me.

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