Antique Calligraphy Pictures

In the February 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living, there was an amazing article about 19th century penmanship and calligraphy. Looking at the designs were breathtaking to my eyes. Such beauty and poise in each stroke. I so wish that I could create works of art like that with a pen.

It made me giggle as I read in the article how important penmanship was in the era as it classified you as being successful or not. Some would sure struggle today if they were graded on their handwriting.

The article shows how calligraphic pieces are something that can be framed and displayed as artwork, I agree. Absolutely gorgeous way to decorate a room or even an office. It sounds like the key is trying to get your hands on something without paying a fortune. I let you know if i find any.

To see some examples on Martha's site, click here.

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