Paper Rosette

My absolute favorite paper store in the world so far is Paper Source. I can easily spend a whole day in there gathering ideas, looking at their paper, figuring out my next event to use their amazing invitations, and so on and so on. However, I am sad now as I no longer live near an actual store and must replace my fix on their website. Thankfully I'm just as inspired and enjoy the projects and resources that they post up on their site.

One project that they have on their site is the Paper Rosette. One of the more beautiful paper ornaments that I've found to spice up any event or your home for that matter! For the directions, click here!

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Mary L. said...

Hey Julie...you think we can make some of them for Didi's party coming up. We could take them in a suitcase with some strings and it might make the pool area quite festive. What do you think??