The Cross

Today being Easter I wanted to highlight the cross. It's amazing how many different ways you can design the cross and even color the cross. Of course the cross didn't start out as a symbol but much more than that. However, a symbol is what remains in order to remind us of Christ dying to save us from our sins. It is in my mind the most amazing symbol there is. It is amazing that one symbol is the most recognized, the most talked about, the most not talked about, the most meaningful, the most controversial and the one most used.

I often worry when I've been asked again and again to create a cross in a design, that I won't be able to come up with something original; but yet I always do. Of course the base design isn't original, but how that cross is portrayed is. And it's now become fun for me to see how many new ways I can portray a cross.

If you go to one of my favorite stock photo sites, istockphoto.com, you can see some great cross designs and get some inspiration for your next attempt at a cross.

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