Great Gift ~ Memory Blocks

So my sister just turned 40 and I really struggled to find a gift for her. She is one of those that has everything and needs nothing. She loves handmade projects and pictures of family,so I went on a craft store adventure hoping that I would be inspired.

Well, what do you know I stumbled upon this decoupage wooden block kit and just knew it would be the perfect gift. I scanned in a bunch of old pictures and made collages in Photoshop. Then I just decoupaged them on the blocks. It turned out wonderfully. Unfortunately, I already wrapped the gift and forgot to get pictures.

It was a perfect 1 to 2 day project, which are my favorite, and made no mess. Of course I bought the blocks from a small local craft store, but I thought I would highlight the company that they purchased it from, My Mind's Eye.

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