Pantone or Crayola?

I love color and really, who doesn't! As a designer I rely so much on Pantone swatches for my colors in my projects. However, I have another secret place that I love to look at color and get ideas....my Crayola crayon box! A new set of crayons is a dream come true to me. You open the box and there's that smell, the look of a new crayon, that beautiful rainbow of colors and the fun names. Ahhh....brings back memories. Don't tell anyone, but those memories don't go back too far for me...maybe a year ago?

I also love going to Crayola.com as there is so much fun stuff there like America's Top 50 colors. Check that out here. It's a fun place to be a kid again and find out fun facts. And even get color inspiration for your next project. Happy coloring!

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Mary L. said...

It is nice to know that "the child within" is just as happy with paper and crayons as I remember! :o)