Great Magazine Layouts & Designs

I've never been a huge fan of purchasing magazines, except when it comes to a few design magazines. But earlier this year I had the opportunity to sign up for a year's free subscription on several magazines. How you might ask? Well, I follow a couple of blogs, Money Saving Mom and It's Hip 2 Save that highlighted the magazine deals and so I decided to take advantage of the offers.

Anyways, the reason I'm not a huge fan of non-design magazines (besides the extra cost) is that I honestly don't like many layouts. I've always found them way too busy, (like Women's Day for instance which has a yucky design), way too many ads that are poorly placed and poorly designed, color schemes that don't go together at all and layouts that look more like they belong in the classifieds.

Well to my surprise I have found some absolutely fantastic layouts from my free magazines and honestly look forward to getting them in the mail to read and drool over the designs, colors and articles. My top favorite non-design magazines so far that I receive are:

1. Martha Stewart Living
2. Body + Soul (A Martha Stewart Publication)
3. Kiwi
designed by: May Media Group
4. Real Simple
5. Sprouts Farmers Market (my local grocery store's magazine)
designed by: Penton Custom Media

I think my next trip to the store will be a scavenger hunt in the magazine section for more great layouts.

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