Room Colors and Mood

So I was relaxing in my new bedroom, of a couple months, and was enjoying the cool blues my husband and I decided to paint it. Then of course my design brain kicked in and began thinking about the mood of colors and thought, "blues really do relax you"!

So then I just had to pull out this color mood chart that I remembered finding in a book I checked out from the library once. The book is called, The Busy Woman's Home Spa Book by Liz Wilde.

So then the crazy side in me popped out and I took the chart and ran around my house to see if the colors in that room really matched up to what I was feeling when I was in that room. It sure did! Or at least I thought it did. Well...it sure was fun and made me really learn a lot about myself.

Here is the color mood chart if want to test your house!

It calms nerves, relaxes and quiets your mind and helps insomnia and depression.

Raises body temperature, stimulates mental energy and helps aches, pains & poor circulation.

Encourages optimism, boosts confidence and helps depression and digestive problems.

Inspires joy, eases loneliness and helps lethargy and detoxing.

Aids meditation, eases anger and frustration and helps exhaustion and headaches.

Stimulates imagination, promotes optimism and helps weak immune systems and negativity.

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