Design Books for Kids

After spending a morning a week at our local library with my 2 year old, I have surprisingly stumbled upon design books for kids. To be honest, I didn't go out and do an online search or put the librarian to work in trying to find design books just for Toddlers, I actually just came across them and honestly was amazed. It really made me think, I guess it isn't too young to teach kids about Typography, color and art. A little secret, I think I enjoyed them more than my daughter, but in any event I think they are great books and must reads for little ones. And when I find more great ones, I'll let you know!

Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types :: by sharon werner

Lines That Wiggle :: by candace whitman

Mouse Paint :: by ellen stoll walsh

A Color of His Own :: by leo lionni

It Look Like Spilt Milk :: by charles shaw

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