Paper Shirt

Wow does this bring back memories. I learned how to fold this paper shirt when I was in 2nd grade and thought that it was the coolest thing around. My friends and I used to write notes to each other, fold them up like a shirt and color them similar to what our friends were wearing that day. This is one paper fold that I've never forgotten. To this day I absolutely love teaching other young kids to fold this shirt. Of course, I don't tell them to use it for a note they can pass to a friend in class...yeah right!

So when I stumbled upon this craft (click here for instructions) on Martha's site I enjoyed the flood of memories that came back. I like the touches she added. I never thought about using already designed paper to create it or making a paper tie. I always colored my patterns on the paper and drew a thin or fat tie depending on my mood.

For old times, I think I'll try one today and add Martha's touches for fun.

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